AMERICAN TREE SURGEONS, SINCE 1987 Tree surgeons plant and cultivate trees and shrubs in city, countryside and conservation areas. They undertake a variety of activities and work as planters, climbers (also known as tree surgeons) and ground staff. Some tree surgeons undertake all of these activities. Climbers work at great heights using specialist climbing equipment such as hoists and harnesses. They use heavy equipment such as chainsaws to prune trees and remove diseased or weak branches. Climbers also cut down dead or dangerous trees. Ground staff maintain the safety of the work site by keeping people and vehicles out of the area. They also support climbers as they work, passing tools to them, re-fuelling the chainsaw and clearing the site of dead branches and other debris. As they have to rescue climbers in case of emergencies, they need a head for heights. Tree surgeons also prepare sites for new trees, plant shrubs and trees, and apply pesticides and fertilisers. They work with many types of hand tools and with power tools such as chainsaws, hedge cutters and strimmers. Their work involves the regular maintenance and cleaning of all equipment. 2555 County Road 220 - Middleburg, Florida