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Tree Removal

Tree Removal

American Tree Surgeons understands that tree removal happens for many reasons. Dead or rotting trees can cause danger to your home and property and must be carefully removed to preserve the surrounding area. If you see dead branches, detached branches, large cavities, cracks or splits in the tree’s trunk or branches, you should consider removing the tree.  Sometimes trees were planted or grew in areas that endanger your property and must be removed.

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Tree Removal Process

From the quote request until the last leaf is raked up, our professional team will make recommendations based on years of experience as to the safest and most economical means to remove your trees. We utilize tried and true techniques to fit your situation-no two trees are the same. We specialize in dangerous and difficult trees. Whether the job requires an expert climber, a 92’ tracked lift or a crane, we have the expertise and equipment to handle the job. Make American Tree Surgeons your 1st call when the need arises to remove your trees.

We utilize heavy duty mats to protect your lawn and driveway!

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Signs You need Tree Removal

Dead or dying limbs are visible.

The trees or tree limbs are extremely close to or touch buildings, roofs or power lines.

Recent storms have visibly weakened trees.

Signs of decay, including cracks, cavities and splits, are visible.

Fungus (mushrooms) is present on the trunk or branches.

Swelling can be seen at the base of the tree trunk.

Flower production has decreased or leaves are falling out of season.

A termite/wood boring insect infestation is present.

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