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Tree Trimming

Trees provide beauty to our landscape and are an integral part of our ecosystem. Helping our customers maintain the health and aesthetics of their property is a passion our team shares. Proper trimming to promote the health of a tree is of utmost importance to our staff at American Tree Surgeons! With the assistance of our 92’ tracked lift that is narrow enough to fit through a 36” opening, we can trim your trees (including palm trees) without “spiking” your trees. This is important as the holes that are made by tree climbing spikes are an open door to wood rot and wood boring pests that can negatively affect the health of your trees. We are able to safely trim trees over your roof to comply with insurance requests for roof clearance.

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Tree Trimming Process

With tree trimming the appearance and the tree’s health should always be considered. Our team has been perfecting this craft for over 30 years. Our arborists are trained in the proper techniques of tree trimming to eliminate the risks involved with improper tree care, which may cause a decline in the health of the tree.  We can lift the canopy and give clearance to the roofline to protect your roof from damage as well as satisfy insurance requirements.

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Tree Trimming Is Necessary For

Reducing and reshaping the crown of the tree

Reducing the weight of limbs to minimize breakage

Removing dead wood

Trimming reduces wind damage from hurricanes

Separating the tree branches from roofs and buildings

Controlling or reducing insect and/or potential diseases

Re-cutting broken or stubbed limbs

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